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Greatest Moments in UVA Sports History (and some we’d like to forget)

Alumni share memories of everything from Ralph Sampson to Omaha

It was a memorable year for UVA sports: the men’s and women’s soccer teams came close to winning NCAA titles; the men’s basketball team took home the 2014 ACC Tournament title and advanced to the Sweeet 16 in the NCAA Tournament; the baseball team made it all the way to the College World Series Finals in Omaha, Nebraska; and tennis player Danielle Collins became the first player in school history to win the women's NCAA Singles Championship. All of these moments and more contributed to a No. 4 finish in the Directors’ Cup, a competition that measures the overall success of collegiate athletics programs.

On Facebook and Twitter, Virginia fans responded with their own memories of unforgettable UVA sports moments. Here’s a sampling of what they said.

Great Wins

Danielle Collins wins NCAA 2014 Women’s Tennis Singles Title


Men’s Basketball vs. Duke, 2014 ACC Championship

Miguel Mora (via Facebook): It's this year's ACC Championship, surpassing the FSU game. C'mon, we beat Duke AND won first championship in 38 yrs in basketball!

Bonnie Lessley (via Facebook): Beating Duke for the ACC BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT CHAMPIONSHIP this year ! What a thrilling victory for HOO fans!


Men’s Basketball vs. Syracuse 2014


Men’s Tennis Wins 2013 NCAA Championship

John Nichols (via Facebook): Has to be the NCAA Men's tennis championship in 2013--with the winning point seeming scored by UCLA, only to have the point awarded to UVA for touching the net, the 'hoos rally to take the title in this rubber match. Just as far as you can go and still pull it out.


Football vs. Miami, 2012


Football vs. Florida State, 2011


Baseball vs. UC Irvine, 2011 NCAA Super Regional

Whestley Spangler (via Facebook): The Super Regional vs UC Irvine on 6/13/11 was the most thrilling win in recent memory. I also thought the mens basketball win vs Syracuse was very thrilling and memorable. I didn't expect a 19 point victory, but that just made it sweeter! One of my oldest memories of a thrilling win is the regional final victory in the 1984 NCAA Tourney and Jim Miller and his iconic fist pump while cutting down the net (yes, I'm old enough to remember that).


Men’s Basketball vs. Duke, 2007


Men’s Basketball vs. Arizona, 2006


Football vs. Virginia Tech, 1998


Football vs. Florida State, 1995

Margie Delacruz Murphy (via Facebook): FSU in 1995. I was a fourth year and that was the greatest game I ever saw. Wahoowa!

Maria Mattera (via Facebook): Beating Clemson in football in 1990 and watching the goal posts be torn down and hauled off through town along with FSU in 1995. Both are beyond memorable! Wahoowa!

Chanel Lee (via Facebook): FSU in '95. I still remember storming the field!

Martha Sanusi (via Facebook): Def FSU in '95!! That game was so exciting it nearly put me into labor with our first!

Mary Hope Jenczewski (via Facebook): Florida State in '95! I was a third year. We all stormed the field. It was crazy!


Women’s Basketball vs. Maryland, 1993 ACC Championship

Adam Bergman (via Facebook): First time we beat FSU in football (1995). Arkansas in NCAA basketball tournament (1995?). Women's basketball winning the ACC tournament in triple OT (1993).

Charleata Beale dishes the ball inside during a 1993 regular season game vs. Maryland.


Football vs. Clemson, 1990

Part 1:

Part 2:


Basketball vs. UNC, 1989

Bill Mulligan (via Facebook): January 15, 1989, in University Hall watching Richard Morgan score 39 points as the Cavs beat No. 8 UNC by the score of 106-83.

Highlights begin at :22.


Men’s Basketball vs. Maryland, 1983 (Ralph Sampson’s last home game)

Editor's pick (editor was 13 at the time)


Men’s Basketball vs. UNC, 1981

Ralph Sampson dunks over James Worthy during a 1981 game vs. UNC, helping the Cavaliers to a one-point victory over the Tar Heels in Chapel Hill.


Tough Losses

Baseball vs. Vanderbilt, 2014 College World Series

Ken Bryant (via Facebook): This one. This hurt a lot. So did 1990 versus Georgia Tech in football. That Cavalier offense was the best in the country and still the most exciting one we've ever put on the field. But this one stings a lot as far as near misses. This is about as big as it gets.

Nick Rosenberger (via Facebook): Forget the near miss. This was an amazing season for an amazing team. The win, the recognition is nice. But don't under value what was accomplished.

Nancy Premen (via Facebook): Also agree with Ken Bryant. This was as close as you can get without being the winner--- 3rd of 3games and lose by ONE run??!!! Ugh!!! The Hoos were OUTSTANDING!!!!Wahoowa!!!!


Football vs. Georgia Tech, 1990

Ken Bryant (via Facebook): 1990 versus Georgia Tech in football. That Cavalier offense was the best in the country and still the most exciting one we've ever put on the field. But this one stings a lot as far as near misses. This is about as big as it gets.

Men’s Basketball vs. Houston, 1984 Final Four

Jay Dobrutsky (via Facebook): For me, 7th seeded Cavs eliminated from 1990 NCAA Regionals in Richmond when Derrick Coleman blocked Bryant Stith's shot for 2d seed Syracuse at the final buzzer. Stith was fouled, of course (I was in Richmond to see it all). It was Terry Holland's last game as UVA coach. Runner up? UVA loses to Houston in 1984 Final Four by 2 points in OT, the year AFTER Sampson left. Rick Carlisle and Olden Polynice were awesome. On second thought, this one should come first.