After nearly a decade as dean of the Darden School of Business, Robert F. Bruner will return to the faculty after completing his second term as the school’s dean in 2015.

Robert F. Bruner Photo by Tom Cogill

“I love to teach and write, for which I entered academic life,” Bruner wrote in his blog. “Being Dean is quite exciting but crowds out the deep reflection required to teach, research, and write very well. And it takes a heavy commitment of time and energy to advancing the school.”

Under Bruner’s leadership, the Darden School has flourished—exploring new frontiers in technology, diversity, globalization, and entrepreneurship and innovation. “Bob Bruner’s impact on Darden has been transformational and will carry the school forward,” UVA President Teresa A. Sullivan says. “Darden is recognized worldwide for student satisfaction and for delivering the best graduate business education experience. Bob and his team have achieved this reputation through curricular innovations, the launch of two new formats of the Darden MBA, an unrelenting search for top faculty and student talent, and attention to every detail of the academic experience.”