The most recent issue of the Virginia Magazine took a stroll through the history of the Corner. Readers have been sharing their best Corner stories and weighing in on favorite traditions (Gusburgers at the White Spot is currently first in the poll on our homepage). Join the discussion online in our new blog and relive the good times—and late-night cuisine—of the Corner.

Reader Feedback: Letters to the Editor

The recent article on the Corner brought back many fond memories. Living on the Lawn my last year my friends and I ate many blue plate specials at The College Inn. We seemed to have survived the experience.

On a more interesting note, the restaurant had a large glass bowl by the cash registry that one could deposit a signed meal check if you were a little light in the wallet. Once you got some funds, you settled up. Rumor was at that time the restaurant very rarely got stiffed for unpaid checks.
Gary Banks (Col ’59)
Scituate, Mass.

As always, I greeted the arrival of the UVA Magazine with anticipation. I was not disappointed. The cover article on the Corner was a wonderful trip down memory lane. I can still savor that ultimate gastronomic treat, the Gusburger.
Michael Diamant (Med ’70)

Magazine designers necessarily work behind the scenes, but their skills often shine through. Kudos, as a case in point, to Michael Fitts for his graphic treatment of author Coy Barefoot’s package of words and pictures about the history of the Corner. From “time lapse” cover to inside content, this feature was easy to follow because it was so difficult to conceive and pull together.
David B. Bowes (Col ’56)
Keedysville, Md.

I was a student at UVA during the ’50s and enjoyed the wonderful article about the Corner in the spring ’07 edition the UVA Magazine.

Elliewood Page was my great aunt and my brother and I had the privilege of boarding with her for a year. In addition, I was one of the many who learned who to care for and ride horses at Elliewood’s daughter, “Big” Elliewood’s stable. She (“Big” Elliewood) was never called “Ellie” as mentioned in your article. Aunt Ellie owned and ran the boarding house on Elliewood Avenue and her daughter, “Big” Elliewood owned and ran the riding stable.
John Winn (Col ’55)
Lexington, Ky.

Please convey my congratulations to Coy Barefoot for the wonderful story about the Corner. As a graduate of the Class of ’75, I found the overview very nostalgic and informative. Man – the memories (I had totally forgotten about “The Caravan,” Home of the Humpburger). This is easily the best story I’ve read in the mag in quite a while – and I’m not being critical, by any means!

My family visited the University last summer, as we took our youngest son on the “college tour.” We had a great time visiting some of my old haunts and had lunch at the Virginian (thankfully, still there after all these years). My boy ended up selecting VMI, which is OK with me. We are keeping the Virginia “tradition of educational excellence” alive, while living here in Maryland!

Keep up the stellar work! Go Wahoos!!
Tom Shumaker (Col ’75)
Parkton, Md.