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Pavilion X settles the controversy over what shade of white to paint the Academical Village

Dan Addison

Pavilion X’s columns and trim are closer to white again, about a decade after UVA stirred up controversy and painted them a stone color based on an analysis that indicated the treatment more closely matched the original hue.

A new study, which provides the first comprehensive look at paint used across the Academical Village, found several versions of off-white on all 10 pavilions instead, says Mark Kutney, UVA architectural conservator. The study considered paint samples and centuries-old maintenance records, among other information.

Pavilion X’s columns and woodwork now match the off-white used on the Rotunda and elsewhere on the Lawn. Kutney says he couldn’t explain the discrepancy between the studies but notes that paint analysis isn’t an exact science.

“It made sense to me there was more uniformity throughout,” Kutney says. “It seems like there are a lot of people who are content with the answer that was achieved this time.”