Cole Geddy

The roof of the University’s beloved but leaky Rotunda will need only repairs, not replacement.

David Neuman, Architect for the University, told members of the Board of Visitors in September that the roof is “structurally sound” and reconstruction is expected to begin by March.

This summer, an investigation of the roof’s status required scaffolding to be erected around the Rotunda and a strip to be excavated from the roof’s base to the oculus at the top.

“The roof has been leaking now for a few years, and it’s getting progressively worse. We have discovered with some probes that it’s starting to [impact] the steel structure,” said Jody Lahendro, historic preservation projects manager at UVA.

The roof was last repaired in 1976; before then, the building had not seen significant work since it was rebuilt after the Rotunda fire of 1895. Neuman said the roof’s appearance will remain largely as is, although it may be repainted a slightly softer shade of white to match its appearance in the 1970s.