What motivates great players? What anxieties lurk in the shadows? Which Cavalier color do they prefer, blue or orange?

Sean Singletary and Sharneé Zoll show why they’re leaders of UVA’s men’s and women’s basketball teams with answers to questions both serious and lighthearted.


Sharneé Zoll Dan Grogan

What makes you so good at assists?

When I was younger, I was always really small. I would just penetrate and I didn’t have enough strength to get the ball to the basket. I would look for the open person so that I didn’t get blocked or look stupid.

What would you like to be remembered for at UVA?

I want to be somebody who all the girls went to if they were having a bad day. I don’t have any sisters, so all these girls are really like family to me.

What’s your worst nightmare?

Playing in front of a packed crowd, having no time on the clock, the ball in my hands and I’m at the free throw line—and missing.

Tiki or Ronde?

Ronde. I like defense. I like to see him, whenever he gets a pick, to run it back, to take it to the crib.

Blue or orange?

Orange. In the summer I like to tan and get darker, and the orange makes me look darker. It’s a vain reason [laughs].


Sean Singletary Dan Grogan

What went into your decision to return to UVA rather than enter the NBA draft?

I felt I would be able to get a lot more done with my life by coming back and getting my degree. And just growing as a person and a basketball player—I’d have another year to work on that.

What would you like to be remembered for at UVA?

I want to be remembered as an exceptional student-athlete. On the court, I want to be remembered as a gutsy floor general. Off the court, I want to be known as a leader as well and a likable individual.

What’s your worst nightmare?

Failing at anything. But I feel as though you cannot be successful if you’re afraid to take risks and you’re afraid to fail.

Who’s your favorite Barber, Tiki or Ronde?

I’m going to have to go with … [laughs] Tiki is more commercial, he’s more out there but Ronde is a tough defender. I guess I have to go with Tiki.

Which is your favorite Cavalier color, blue or orange?

Blue. It’s a masculine color, and it goes with everything.