Some make you chuckle. Some make you wistful.

Some whet your appetite for knowledge while others satisfy your curiosity.

They’re all websites offered through the auspices of the University of Virginia, and they combine the scholarly, the artistic, the athletic, the creative, the colorful and the amusing.

So take a walk on the Web side—but give yourself plenty of time. The University hosts myriad pages on the Internet, and these are but a few.


Want to know more about the world of Dante and The Divine Comedy? Or bone up on the latest in math and science? Check out the Alumni Education & Travel website, which is dedicated to lifelong learning.

Looking to roam the streets of ancient Rome? Or read biographies of notable women in history? Let your fingers do the strolling to the Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities’ website.

Eager to hear University experts discuss the pros and cons of health care issues? Turn up the volume on the University’s “Podcasts & Webcasts” site.

Keen to watch television coverage, as it unfolded, of the civil rights movement in the ’60s? Click over to the Virginia Center for Digital History.

Fun and games

The world of academia certainly has its serious side, but the University offers a site for children and families that takes a lighter look at history and learning. The UVA Trivia Game tests your knowledge of people and events over the course of the institution’s existence. And for devoted Cavaliers, additional links provide screensavers and wallpaper for computers as well as e-postcards with UVA themes.

About UVA

Few institutions sport a heritage and history as colorful as UVA does. While volumes have been written about Jefferson and the founding of the University, you can access a short history of UVA. that takes you from the days of the Founding Fathers through the administrations of the eight University presidents.

For a wide-angle snapshot of the University, past, present and future, check out the “Top Q&A about UVA” website.


If you’re not in the stands singing “The Good Old Song” in person, you can follow all the exploits of UVA teams at the official Cavalier athletics site, which includes the latest scores and news about the University’s student athletes. Be sure to click on the “Cavalier News Beat,” which features former Richmond Times-Dispatch sportswriter Jeff White’s insightful coverage of UVA athletics.


ArtPerhaps you’re a fan of the Flemish school of art and want to see a detail of the 16th-century painting Portrait of a Gentleman.

Perhaps public art is your thing and you’d like a virtual tour of Lincoln Perry’s mural The Student’s Progress in Old Cabell Hall.

Or maybe you’d like to listen to Louis Armstrong and his All Stars’ show at the Hollywood Empire in 1949. Or hear songwriter Carole King perform some of her contemporary hits.

These and more adventures in the arts await at the University’s main arts site. But don’t limit your explorations—check out, virtually, the special books and documents at the Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library and the Aboriginal art at the Kluge-Ruhe collection.


The sweep of the Lawn, the stately elegance of the pavilions, the grandeur of the Rotunda, the rainbow of springtime colors in the gardens—you can’t always experience them in person, but even the most distant University lover can take a virtual tour through the Academical Village and Grounds—as well as experience a century of life on the Lawn—with these links.

Memory Lane

Nothing brings memories alive like photos, and these websites give glimpses of important events over the course of recent weeks and years. In addition, that grandest of rituals, Final Exercises, can be revisited and relived through slideshows documenting the past four years’ events.

Year in Photos

Finals Slideshows

University and Charlottesville History