Richard Coltrane (Col ’61) once had a collection of sports trading cards so large that he donated 80,000 cards to the Boys and Girls Club in Newport News before moving to his current home in Midlothian, Va. A letterman on the UVA track team, Coltrane has also been a lifelong Cavaliers fan—a passion that’s reflected in his large trading-card collection of Virginia alumni who played professional football and basketball.

His football collection includes players from many eras, beginning with college and professional hall-of-famer Bill Dudley and ending with a number of former Cavaliers who are still playing in the NFL.

That earliest card is still Coltrane’s favorite. “Bill Dudley is one of the all-time greats,” he says. “There hasn’t been anybody with the variety of talents he had. There have been better quarterbacks, punters, defensive backs and running backs, but I don’t know of anyone who could do it all the way he could.”

Coltrane recently donated his collection to the Alumni Association. A selection of his football cards can be viewed in this online gallery. Look for selections from his basketball collection; they will be posted this winter.

Bill Dudley
John Papit
Gene Schroeder
Tom Scott
Hank Jordan
Jim Bakhtiar
Sonny Randle
Gary Cuozzo
Harrison Davis
Tommy Vigorito
Ron Mattes
Lester Lyles
Jim Dombrowski
Barry Word
Don Majkowski
Jeff Lageman
Herman Moore
Shawn Moore
Ray Roberts
Matt Blundin
Terry Kirby
Chris Slade
Mike Frederick
Tyrone Davis
Patrick Jeffers
Charles Way
James Farrior
Ronde Barber
Tiki Barber
Jamie Sharper
Aaron Brooks
Patrick Kerney
Anthony Poindexter
Terrence Wilkins
Thomas Jones
Matt Schaub
Chris Canty
Heath Miller
D'Brickashaw Ferguson
Chris Long