Two alums have written a children’s book, A Tour of Mr. Jefferson’s University with Edgar the Squirrel.

The story involves a tour of the University of Virginia through the eyes of a gregarious Northern Gray Squirrel. The bushy-tailed entertainer and scholar provides historical detail and facts about the higher education institution conceived and designed by U.S. President Thomas Jefferson.

Designed for elementary-age children, the book contains instructional activities and illustrations about the university. A portion of the book sale proceeds will benefit the Thomas Jefferson Society for the Preservation of the Lawn.

The book was written and designed in part by Mark Dewalt (Educ ’86) and his wife, Carolyn (Educ ’77). Mark also wrote The Life and Times of Thomas Jefferson, a coloring and activity book that was a bestseller at the UVA bookstore in 2010.

Books can purchased at local bookstores in Charlottesville, including the UVA bookstore. They can also be ordered by calling 704-860-8391. Edgar the squirrel can be found on Twitter: @EdgarDSquirrel.

Mark Dewalt (Educ ’86) is chair of the department of counseling, leadership and educational Studies in the College of Education at Winthrop University. His wife Carolyn (Educ ’77) is an assistant elementary principal in North Carolina.