For more than a century, UVA students and alumni had to request their transcripts in person or by mail and then wait days to receive them. Ten years ago, students enrolled since 1985 were able to order transcripts online in a limited fashion. But the University Registrar (UREG) is now able to send students and alumni official electronic transcripts through a secure online method, allowing for immediate access to academic records. Although electronic transcripts are not available to students who graduated or were enrolled prior to 1985, anyone can request his or her transcript online.

Best of all, there is now no charge for transcript requests.

Sheila Tolley, the senior associate University registrar, led the project, collaborating with the National Student Clearinghouse, which owns an online ordering system, and UVA's Information Technology Services (ITS) to integrate the transcript ordering process with UVA's Student Information System (SIS).

"The SIS and UREG teams did a heck of a job," says Carol "Stash" Stanley, University registrar. "We aim to be invisible service providers, that is, of course, unless you have a problem. To be invisible, we must actually do more work than before. We continue each day to tweak the system."

Visit to request your transcript at any time.

Transcript Trivia

  • Transcripts from 1904-1984 were originally stored on microfilm and microfiche. They have been digitized and integrated with a reference index in SIS.
  • Thomas Jefferson opposed the granting of degrees on the grounds that they were "artificial embellishments." UVA did not give diplomas until six months after Jefferson died. Today, the University registrar plans to make replacement diplomas available through the the new online system. "Though in our business," says Stanley, "we feel like the transcript is the legitimate document for a student's record."
  • What makes a paper transcript legitimate? The paper has 10 security qualities that make it official. For obvious security reasons, the University registrar does not reveal what they are.