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Top 5 Majors

Five most popular majors for 2012 graduates, according to UVA’s Office of Institutional Assessment and Studies (numbers in parentheses are the number of bachelor degrees conferred):

  1. Politics (425 total; 297 Foreign Affairs, 128 Government)
    The Politics Department is home to more majors than any other department in the College. On average since 2000, more than 700 students each year have concentrated in one of its two majors—Government or Foreign Affairs—for their bachelor’s degree.
  2. Interdisciplinary (413)
    The Interdisciplinary Major Program gives students in the College the opportunity to design an individual program of study instead of pursuing a regular department major. Medical Ethics, Psychobiology, Irish Studies, Physical Anthropology, Post-Modern Studies and Philosophical Psychology are examples of some of the kinds of programs students have created.
  3. Economics (373)
    The Department of Economics now occupies Monroe Hall and has 700 undergraduate students pursuing degrees.
  4. Psychology (361)
    The Department of Psychology offers undergraduate degrees in a wide variety of sub-disciplines. Study ranges from examining human development and complex thought processes to social relations, brain and neural mechanisms and psychopathology.
  5. Commerce (329)
    The McIntire School of Commerce was ranked 5th by U.S. News and World Report in 2012.