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The Slick Bib

An alumnus describes his new invention for runners

During my undergraduate studies at UVA I strengthened a habit and a mindset of constantly identifying inefficiencies in products, processes and systems and working to come up with unique solutions to make them better. I carried this mentality into my daily activities. Many ideas have been captured, some are more feasible than others.

One day, before my first 5K run, I was presented with a very frustrating and annoying task—attaching my race identification number on to my shirt with 4 saftey-pins. This was supposed to be an easy task, but in reality it was such a hassle having to fumble with the safety-pins to get the race number in the correct position.  Immediately I thought, “This is miserable—there has to be a better way to do this!”

After searching for alternatives and not finding any that I really liked, I decided to create the Slick Bib. The Slick Bib is a comfortable running top with an extremely lightweight transparent pocket integrated on the front to allow runners to easily slip their race number into and out of the pocket. When not running in organized races the pocket serves as a great place to put your cash, credit card, or keys while out for a leisure run. In order to bring this idea to reality I have launched a Kickstarter Campaign with the help of UVA friends. Kickstarter is a crowdfunding site to help bring creative projects to life. We hope to successfully fund the campaign for the Slick Bib so that we can provide a simple but needed solution to safety-pin related problems experienced by runners all around the world. We have 30 days to raise support and will be working hard to do so. We invite everyone to check out the Slick Bib project, support it , and share with the masses.

Adrian Santos (Engr '10) majored in chemical engineering at the University. Specifics about the Slick Bib and the Campaign can be found here.