South Lawn buildings and structural steel beams spanning Jefferson Park Avenue, which will form a 95-foot-wide grassy terrace that connects the complex to Central Grounds. Construction of the $105 million project, designed by architects Moore Ruble Yudell, has reached the halfway point and is slated for completion in November 2010. The complex of buildings will provide the College of Arts & Sciences with more than 100,000 square feet of additional academic space and will house the departments of history, politics and religious studies. Dan Grogan

A 1948 photograph shows the same area, before construction of New Cabell Hall in the early 1950s. The building with the large chimney below Old Cabell is the Boiler House, built during the same period as Cocke, Rouss and Cabell halls (1896-98). Steam generated in the Boiler House heated the three new buildings. The facility also originally housed forges and foundries for mechanical engineering instruction. Ed Roseberry