The American Civil War, turmoil in the Middle East, changes in health care, and aspects of social media—all will be discussed in the popular “More Than The Score” programs this fall.

The lectures, offered by the Alumni Education Program in the Office of Engagement, in collaboration with the UVA Alumni Association, will be held at 10 a.m. before each home football game. Talks are free and open to alumni, parents and friends; registration is encouraged (to sign up, go to

Sept. 3: “Our University: Things That Change and Things That Stay the Same,” Kenneth Elzinga, economics professor

Sept. 24: “Will an Arab Fall Follow the Arab Spring?” Nathaniel Howell (Col ‘61, Grad ‘65), public affairs professor; Frederick Hitz and John Norton Moore, law professors

Oct: 1: “The American Civil War on Film: How Hollywood Shapes What We Know,” Gary Gallagher, history professor

Oct: 15: “Crystal Ball Prediction and Kennedy Project,” Larry Sabato (Col ‘74), politics professor and director of the Center for Politics

Oct: 22: “The ‘Art’ of Aging,” Dennis Proffitt, psychology professor, and Deborah Roach, biology professor

Nov. 12: “Will Health Care Reform Change the Way Nurses and Physicians Work Together?” Dorrie Fontaine, dean of the School of Nursing

Nov. 26: “There Is No Such Thing as a ‘Digital Generation:’ How Facebook, Twitter and Google Affect Us All,” Siva Vaidhyanathan, media studies professor