Rally for Transparency

On June 18, the gathering on the Lawn quickly grew to more than 2,000 people as the Board of Visitors met in the Rotunda.

Cole Geddy

Throngs of Support

Eight days after her resignation, Sullivan makes her way through supporters on her way to address the Board of Visitors in the Rotunda. "Anyone who didn't get some goose bumps from Sullivan's arrival is probably not alive," Logan Spencer (Col '13) told the Daily Progress.

Dan Grogan

A Movement Takes Shape

Chair of the Faculty Senate George Cohen (bottom right) waves, preparing to address the crowd.

Dan Grogan

Norm Shafer

Dramatic Moment

Gweneth West, drama professor and former chair of the Faculty Senate, read aloud a seven-page statement written by President Sullivan addressing the Board of Visitors.

Reinstatement Day

"There have been numerous comments about the process the Board of Visitors used in asking for and approving the resignation of President Sullivan," said Heywood Fralin (right, with Rector Helen Dragas), former rector and BOV member. "It is my opinion that everyone agrees that the process was flawed. It can never be repeated when important decisions are being made by this Board."

Cole Geddy

Sullivan Speaks

After her reinstatement, President Sullivan addressed the crowd. "I am not good enough, or wise enough, or strong enough to do everything that needs doing at UVA on my own, but you have shown beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am not alone. I believe that, together, we can do great things for our University.

Dan Grogan