One inventor. Two published authors. A world chess champion and an award-winning actress. Those are just a few of the achievements that distinguish the 6,907 students offered admission to the University in this fall’s entering class.

Culled from a record 22,520 applicants, the offers were extended in late March with a target of 3,240 set for the entering group. Of those offered admission, 93.8 percent ranked in the top 10 percent of their graduating classes, and their average combined SAT verbal and math scores increased by 10 points over last year.

“This is perhaps the most talented class academically that we’ve ever offered to,” says Greg Roberts, dean of admission. “Additionally, the class is extremely diverse.”

About 69 percent of the offers went to Virginia residents, maintaining the University’s usual ratio. UVA’s reputation as a comparative bargain, coupled with trying economic conditions, might spur more acceptances from in-state students, Roberts says.

Another indicator of tight times, Roberts added, showed in the high number of families asking about financial aid. AccessUVA meets 100 percent of students’ demonstrated need, providing loan-free aid packages to the most financially challenged and capping loans to other aid recipients.