Emily Giffin

You know you’ve arrived when you have a cameo in a movie based on your bestselling novel. Emily Giffin (Law ‘97) appears in the movie adaptation of her book Something Borrowed, starring Ginnifer Goodwin and Kate Hudson. Giffin’s sitting on a bench reading her second novel, Something Blue, next to Goodwin and actor Steve Howey during a scene set in a New York City park. The plot of Something Borrowed—a New York Times best-seller that has been translated into 35 languages—follows Rachel, a young lawyer who’s in love with her best friend’s fiancé. On her 30th birthday, Rachel confesses her feelings and romantic comedy ensues.

Like her protagonist, Giffin was a lawyer in Manhattan before she became an author. Giffin points out other similarities. “Rachel was generally a rule follower and risk averse until the summer after her 30th birthday,” says Giffin. “Upon turning 30, I, too, re-evaluated my life and decided to make a major change.”

Emily Giffin and Hillary Swank

Luckily for her readers, Giffin’s big change was a move to London to devote herself to writing full time. In the past decade, Giffin has written five books; her most recent novel, Heart of the Matter, was published in 2010. In a review, Redbook raves, “Giffin’s latest novel delves deep into the all-too-tricky matters of the heart … this juicy read will make you feel like you’re sneaking a peek into your best friend’s diary.”

Giffin was deeply involved in the production of the movie version of Something Borrowed, partly because the producers, including Hillary Swank, appreciated her insight into the characters. She says she was especially pleased by the film’s casting. “For once, Hollywood didn’t butcher the book,” says Giffin. “I honestly never thought that would happen.”

After the glamour of the red carpet, Giffin says she’s happy to return to Atlanta, where she lives with her husband Buddy Blaha (Com ‘87); and their three young children. She’s hard at work in her attic office penning her sixth novel.