In a February vote, students approved the addition of “informed retraction” to the Honor System. Informed Retraction allows students to take responsibility for their actions immediately after they are made aware that an Honor report has been filed against them, and take a leave of absence from the University. Another proposal, endorsed by the Honor Committee—including both informed retraction and jury reform—was not approved by students.

Post-Vote Articles

Students Approve Informed retraction

UVA Students Approve New Honor Plea, Reject Jury Changes

Coverage and Commentary Prior to Vote

Infographic: The Honor Committee's Proposal
We follow two students as they go through both the existing and proposed honor systems.

Honor Committee Proposes Changes to the System
We look at some of the ways that the Honor System has evolved over the years, challenges to the system as reflected in recent surveys gauging student and faculty attitudes about Honor, the proposal’s details and the Honor Committee’s rationale for proposing change.