The University has several groups of alumni volunteers that work to educate and engage prospective students through various events and programs. Two of these are UVaClubs and the Virginia Alumni Admission Network (VAAN). While these alumni do not interview prospective students in the admission process, they work to supplement the outreach of the Office of Undergraduate Admission.

With clubs in each of the 50 states as well as 16 countries, UVaClubs give alumni the opportunity to reach out to prospective UVA students. Each year, the Schools Committee of each UVaClub works with the Office of Admission to host fall information sessions, during which students and parents can attend an evening program with one of the UVA admission deans. Many UVaClubs’ Schools Committees also make congratulatory calls to admitted students and host a “summer sendoff” party to wish the students well in their years at the University. As needed, members of the Schools Committee also represent UVA at college fairs and other programs. If you’re interested in joining a UVaClub in your area, visit

VAAN volunteers work to extend the efforts of the admission office by reaching out to underrepresented high school students in seven metropolitan areas: New York City, Baltimore, Miami, Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Atlanta.

In an effort to increase the diversity of each first-year class, VAAN volunteers represent the University at college fairs, UVA information sessions and other events in their respective cities. VAAN also offers underrepresented students the chance to meet informally with a UVA graduate. Students in any of the VAAN cities can visit and request a meeting with an alum. These meetings are strictly informational (not evaluative) and offer the prospective student a chance to learn more about the University and the student experience. For more information on VAAN and its outreach, visit