How does the University regard transfer students, particularly those from community colleges?

Each year, the Office of Admission enrolls about 560 transfer students—students who have been enrolled at another college or university for at least one year.

“Some students have spent one year at their previous school, some have spent two,” says Olivia Hessing, admission counselor.

The University has some restrictions about transfers, such as not allowing students in their first year at another college to transfer into UVA during the spring semester. Students who have completed at least a full year elsewhere, however, have transfer opportunities in certain programs, and fall transfers are open to six schools within the University.

Regarding the Virginia College Community System (VCCS), University officials value the diverse backgrounds of those students.

“There are many different interesting life experiences, from the Army vet who recently returned from two tours in Iraq to the mother of four who is going back to school after 30 years,” says Greg Roberts, associate dean of admission.

“VCCS students are strong and become strong UVA students, just as any four-year student would,” says Hessing.

The University developed a guaranteed admission agreement between the VCCS and the College of Arts & Sciences in 2006, and the School of Engineering and Applied Science followed suit this year. Students must meet certain criteria to qualify.

For details, visit the University’s undergraduate admission transfer Web site here and the Alumni Association’s Admission Liaison Program here.