What services does the Alumni Association offer to alumni and their children applying to the University?

The University of Virginia Office of Admission defines a legacy student as the child of a degree holder. As such, the Alumni Association’s Admission Liaison Program (ALP) provides a point of contact and a source of information for alumni families who have children applying as first-year or transfer applicants to one of UVA’s five undergraduate programs or schools.

Every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, the ALP hosts a legacy information session, which covers the role of the program in the admission process, legacy admission statistics and the basic elements of a competitive legacy application.

After attending an information session, alumni families may schedule individual meetings with the director or assistant director of the ALP.

Those meetings, which generally last 30 minutes, include a review of the student’s transcript and the high school’s profile. This provides the context for a concrete discussion about the student’s record.

However, this meeting is not an interview. The ALP is all about information—not influence. The ALP staff does not play a role in the decision-making process but simply provides information to help the student create a competitive application.

The ALP is most helpful for high school sophomores, juniors and those seniors who have not yet submitted applications. For families not in the area, the ALP offers information sessions and individual meetings over the phone and via Skype.