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Admission Advice

The Admission Liason Program

The Alumni Association’s Admission Liaison Program provides a point of contact and a source of information for alumni families who have children applying to UVA. Here are some tips for families who are beginning the college admission process:

  • For students, start with yourself, not the college. What are your academic interests, your strengths and weaknesses? Who are you beyond your test scores? For families, think about your financial resources. What are you looking for in a college?
  • When it comes to extra-curricular activities, there’s a myth that to be “well-rounded,” students should cram as many activities into their schedule as possible. “We’re certainly looking for well-rounded academic preparation,” says Lee Politis (Col ‘84, Grad ‘87), associate dean of admission at UVA. But with respect to extra-curricular activities, it’s about quality of engagement, not quantity. “We want to encourage students to pursue activities that truly interest them. The goal is to engage in activities that inspire you, stretch you and allow you to contribute your talent and ideas.”
  • When it comes to prioritizing, “academics are the most important factor in the admission process,” Politis says. “Class is first.”
  • With that in mind, students who are planning to apply to UVA should take the most challenging courses their school offers.

About the Admission Liaison Program

  • The Admission Liaison Program offers information to legacies and their parents regarding the admission process. The program does not influence admission decisions.
  • A legacy is defined by the Office of Admission as the son or daughter of a degree holder from any school at the University of Virginia, graduate schools included.
  • ALP offers daily 60-minute sessions on relevant statistics and the competitive profile for a legacy applicant, as well as individual planning meetings that can improve the competitive value of a student’s record.
  • The Admission Liaison Program is a year-round program. Meetings are offered via Skype, phone, or in person. For more information or to schedule an appointment, visit