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Joseph Leo Blotner of Berkeley, Calif., died Nov. 16, 2012. He served in the U.S. Army Air Forces during World War II. He was an associate professor at the University and helped bring William Faulkner to Grounds as a writer-in-residence in 1957. In 1974, Mr. Blotner published Faulkner: A Biography, an intricately detailed and definitive source on Faulkner that drew not only from the full access to Faulkner’s papers and letters that the author’s family had granted him but also from his close friendship with the author. Mr. Blotner wrote a number of other books on Southern literature, including Robert Penn Warren: A Biography, published in 1997. Survivors include a granddaughter, Marnie Alicia Allen (Col ’98).

William H. “Bill” Wood of Charlottesville died Nov. 16, 2012. He launched the University’s Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership, an educational and training organization for Virginia’s emerging political leaders, in 1993. The institute’s curriculum emphasizes public policy, ethics and campaigning, and many of its graduates hold elected and appointed office in Virginia, from school boards to the state legislature. Before coming to the University, Mr. Wood was a well-known and respected journalist who spent 26 years in the newspaper business, including 10 years as the editorial page editor of the Virginian-Pilot, where he wrote with clarity and conciseness, always aiming to elevate and educate his readers. He stepped down as the executive director of the Sorensen Institute in 2005 and was recognized with a joint resolution by the Virginia General Assembly commending him for his long career in journalism and his leadership of the institute. He continued to work part time until 2007 as editor of the Virginia News Letter and director of the publications division of the University’s Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service. Mr. Wood loved baseball, especially the Dodgers, starting when they were still in Brooklyn, N.Y. He played a mean game of tennis, running opponents all over the court, and was fond of beach music, doo-wop and dancing. Survivors include his wife, Carol Wood, former University associate vice president and spokesperson; and a son, Zachary Mather (Col ’00 L/M).