Notices sorted by graduation date.

John R. “Jack” Mann Jr. (Col ’12) of Hamilton, Va., died May 8, 2012. At the University, he studied history, literature and French. Mr. Mann devoted much of his energy to politics, working on several campaigns in 2011 and 2012. As an intern at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, he wrote about political and social issues, and recently published an article in the New York Post.

Austin B. Colligan (Col ’14 L/M) of Charlottesville died July 22, 2012. At the University, she was an Echols Scholar and a member of the Dance Committee and the Global Dance Brigades. Survivors include her mother, R. L. Colligan (Fel ’12, Engr ’15, Grad ’17).

David W. Sobel (Col ’14) of Pennington, N.J., died July 29, 2012. At the University, he was majoring in history. Mr. Sobel was passionate about tennis, American politics and traveling to experience other cultures. He was an active member of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Charlottesville, where he volunteered for Habitat workdays.

Julia E. Green (Col ’15) of Fairfax, Va., died July 7, 2012. At the University, she was active in the Center for Christian Study and the Reformed University Fellowship and was a member of Chi Omega sorority. She was also a member of Building Tomorrow and served on the Bike to Uganda planning team. Ms. Green volunteered with the SPCA and with a number of organizations around Grounds. Survivors include two sisters, Rebecca Green Garber (Nurs ’08 L/M) and Emily S. Green (Col ’13 L/M); and a brother, Eric Anthony Green (Col ’09, Grad ’10).