Notices sorted by graduation date.

Patricia “Patti” Woods Varney (Com ’05, Darden ’10 L/M) of San Francisco died Nov. 11, 2012. At the University, she was a member of Phi Mu sorority, Hoo Crew, and Darden’s Cold Call Chronicle staff. She was a fun-loving person and stand-up comedienne who enjoyed playing games, socializing and watching sports, especially football. Ms. Varney loved traveling through Europe and South America with her husband. Survivors include her husband, Eric Varney (Darden ’10); a sister, Lisa Woods Kovacevic (Nurs ’00 L/M); and a brother, Jacob J. Woods (Engr ’08).

Matthew Parker Klopfer (Com ’07 L/M) of Fairfax, Va., died June 13, 2012. At the University, he was a Lawn resident, participated in the chamber music ensemble and was a member of the Jefferson Literary and Debating Society, the Honor Committee and Naval ROTC. He completed Total Strike Training, specialized training that prepares officers for the rigorous demands of aerial combat and carrier operations, and in September 2009 earned the title of naval aviator and the right to wear the “Wings of Gold.” Mr. Klopfer earned a Navy “E” for bombing accuracy during Total Strike Training and earned the “Best Bomber” and “Top Gun” awards for his class.

Tina Louise Blevins (Grad ’08) of Wytheville, Va., died Dec. 2, 2012. She was a fiction writer and sometimes poet. She attended Randolph-Macon Woman’s College as an undergraduate student and was a Henry Hoynes Fellow at U.Va. She recently published “God of Ducks” in the Gettysburg Review.