Apollo, Neptune, Pluto, and Pallas, c. 1560

The UVA Art Museum introduced four new exhibitions on Jan. 20.

“Master Printmakers” is a collection of 16th-century Italian Renaissance prints, based on images from Raphael, Federico Barocci, Tintoretto and others.

Moving to the contemporary realm, artist Tom Burckhardt’s work is being exhibited. His paintings, made of oil on cast plastic supports, blur divisions between abstract and representational art.

For “100 Years of Photography,” art history professor and curator of modern art Matthew Affron assembled a multigenre survey of works by artists from Walker Evans to Helen Levitt.

“Curator’s Choice: People, Places and Things” keeps its foot firmly in the modern worlds of abstraction and expanded notions of the image. The show includes pieces from the University’s own extensive collection as well as work by Pablo Picasso, Joseph Cornell, Sally Mann and Franz Kline.

Barbara Morgan, Pure Energy and Neurotic Man, 1945 (left); Lyonel Feininger, Gasse in Brandenburg, 1925 (right)