1. UVA Harlem Shake with Dean Groves

Last February, Dean of Students Allen Groves was approached by a student dressed as Gumby. The student asked Groves to participate in UVA’s version of the “Harlem Shake,” an Internet video meme in which one person starts off dancing alone to the song “Harlem Shake” and then is surrounded by a crowd of elaborately costumed dancers. Groves’ jaunty moves helped make this the most-viewed UVA-themed video of 2013.

2. Stephen Colbert Salutes Class of 2013

Stephen Colbert delivered UVA’s 2013 Valedictory Address. Watch him pretend to steal the class check, make a cheeky reference to UVA’s 2012 leadership crisis and admit he once applied to the University and was rejected (on a technicality). 

3. Katie Couric and Tina Fey Share Their UVA College Confessions

In March, Tina Fey (Col ’92) appeared on Katie Couric’s (Col ’79) show, Katie, to promote her new movie, Admission. The two discussed their very different UVA experiences and bonded over the Old Dorms/New Dorms rivalry.

4. Advice to the University of Virginia Class of 2017 from the Class of 2013

As the Class of 2013 prepared to depart the University, they left a note in video form to the incoming first-year class. “Appreciate tradition, but don’t be afraid to start new ones,” the UVA fourth years advised. We’ll see if this type of video turns into a new UVA tradition.

5. Lighting of the Lawn: Rotunda Light Show

This year’s Lighting of the Lawn event featured a surprise seven-minute light show set to music. A product of months of planning by students and faculty from UVA’s engineering and drama departments, the show turned the Rotunda into something resembling a futuristic spaceship.