3M 9100 Overhead Projector, long of the Chem Auditorium, went to its resting place* on July 10, 2018. The 9100 faithfully served at Prof. Ken Elzinga’s side for three decades of Econ201.

For tens of thousands of students, the projector illuminated such concepts as price elasticity, opportunity cost, short runs, long runs and marginal utility.

Elzinga spoke highly of both its utility and economical value, saying: “The 3M 9100 that I’ve used cost under $200, which means the average cost is less than a penny per student. The marginal cost per student is zero, which is an amount University budget officers should find congenial.”

The cause of death was listed as PowerPoint, which Elzinga will use for the first time when his class moves to Culbreth Theatre this fall.

* 216 Monroe Hall, for now