Erin O'Hare

Over the course of the 20th century, the Lloyd Building on the Corner housed the Cavalier, a popular student watering hole; Jameson’s College Store; Lloyd’s Rexall Drugstore; and the Student Book Store. Soon it will be linked to the University itself.

The 1928 structure, at 1515 University Ave., is undergoing renovations to become an arts, meeting and general gathering space for University students, starting in 2017.

The University is leasing the space and, with design input from students, outfitting each floor to allow for rehearsals, performances, study space and more.

“The intent is to have multipurpose use and not make it feel like it’s an academic building,” says James Zehmer (Arch ’02), project manager on the building for Facilities Management. “There are no classes being taught there. It’s a place where students can feel comfortable hanging out, even if it’s just for an hour.”

While Bob Nalls (Arch ’77) of Nalls Architecture in Philadelphia is handling the architectural design, students have had a major role in determining the building’s purpose. Last summer, five teams of students from the Meriwether Lewis Institute for Citizen Leadership brainstormed the best ways to provide an alcohol-free, safe, multiuse space.

“It’s a little different working with students as stakeholders, but also a lot of fun,” Zehmer says. “They have great ideas and are surprisingly attentive to budget and what’s realistic.”

Construction is slated to finish in late fall.