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Got Questions?

New database combines academic, health and business books sections

A new database available to all alumni should be familiar to recent graduates.

In late May, EBSCO became active on the HoosOnline website, replacing the ProQuest database.

The new resource has several advantages over free online search engines, says Althea Brooks, program director for alumni education. EBSCO provides free instructional support, no ads, more depth in the content and quicker searches—as well as some completely new features, including an index of health literature for nurses and a section called Business Book Summaries. The latter provides concise condensed versions of more than 700 books that have been published in the last 20 years as well as the top 1 percent of business books published each year.

“Everyone is so busy these days,” Brooks says. “You want to keep up with the most current books that will help guide your career, but instead of taking the time to read an entire book, these compact summaries have just the information you might need.”

Brooks says another advantage is that younger alumni are familiar with EBSCO because it is the system used by the University Library.

“If younger alumni have been building a reference folder during their years here, they now are able to take that with them. If they’ve done tons of research, they will still have that.”

The Health Library section provides information about general wellness as well as details about medical conditions to help patients asked informed questions of physicians.

“It’s written in laymen’s terms,” Brooks says, “so anyone should be able to gain from it and go to their doctor with intelligent questions.”

As with the previous system, the new database is a cooperative venture between the University Library and the Office of Engagement. For access, go to