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From the Publisher: The Certainty of Our Collective Strength

In many ways, tragedies rob us of certainty. They shortchange order for chaos, calm for despair. They cheat us of time and possibility we thought were guaranteed. In the case of three UVA students, each so full of light and promise, tragedy also stole life itself.

Lily West
Sarah Cramer Shields

As we struggle to make sense of the horrific night of Nov. 13, there is a certainty that did prevail—the strength of our community, that we are UVA strong.

For the past few months, the Alumni Association has been honored to play a role in the community’s recovery by administering the UVA Strong Fund. A communitywide effort, the UVA Strong Fund was established to support victims, survivors and their families; provide support services for students affected by the tragedy; and honor the lives of those who died on Nov. 13. It takes its name from the banners unfurled from rooftops, the hashtags posted across social media, and the words splashed along Beta Bridge, all within hours of the tragedy.

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Since the moment the UVA Strong Fund went live, your response has been overwhelming. As of this writing, we have received gifts from more than 2,000 donors. Generosity has come from every corner of our community, including alumni, colleagues at other schools, the NFL Foundation, local businesses and even a group of elementary school students who entrusted to our care the proceeds from their bake sale.

 In a time of such uncertainty, we have found comfort in your steadfast support. Thank you for making “UVA Strong” not just a phrase but a prevailing spirit, a certitude. The Alumni Association is humbled to help and deeply appreciative of all you have made possible through the UVA Strong Fund.

With gratitude,

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Lily West (Darden ’12)
President & CEO