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9,000 get offers for 4,000 spots at UVA

Student walks on UVA Grounds
Sanjay Suchak

The University of Virginia admission office completed its regular decision round in March by delivering another 2,182 acceptance letters, bringing to a close a record-setting admissions process for the Class of 2027.

UVA received a record 56,546 applications—up from 50,962 in 2022—and delivered a total of 9,190 offers across the three admissions cycles. The binding early decision cycle welcomed 1,038 new Wahoos in December. The 8,151 students receiving offers in February’s early action and March’s regular decision rounds have until May 1 to reserve a spot in fall’s first-year class.

The admissions goal is to enroll a first-year class of 3,970 students. The University will go to the wait list on May 1 to fill any needs if it has fallen short of that target.

Greg Roberts (Darden ’17), UVA’s associate vice provost of enrollment and undergraduate admission, acknowledged the challenge of whittling down a record pool of students to deliver offers to 16 percent of overall applicants.

"We are immensely proud that so many talented and driven students want to continue their education at UVA, and that makes the work of selecting students to admit both difficult and exciting,” Roberts said. “We have been impressed by the talent, resilience, accomplishments, and character of our applicants and admitted students this year, and it’s a privilege to invite them to become tomorrow’s leaders in our care.”

UVA received 15,169 applications from Virginians this year, up from 14,305 for the 2022 admissions cycle. The overall acceptance rate for Virginians held relatively steady at 27 percent, compared with 28 percent in 2022.

A total of 41,377 applications were received from out-of-state, up from 36,657 last year. The overall out-of-state acceptance fell to 12 percent from 15 percent in 2022.

“We consider it a great honor to be offered a glimpse of a student’s life through their application to UVA. They put their heart and soul into the college admission process and that is something we never forget as we read their files. Although we cannot offer admission to every qualified applicant, we treat each candidate with respect and care,” said Roberts.

UVA offered admission to 3,639 white applicants, 2,000 Asian applicants, 910 African American applicants and 847 Hispanic applicants. Seven hundred thirty international students received offers.

The College of Arts & Sciences (6,787) and the School of Engineering and Applied Science (1,882) accounted for the bulk of the total offers. The School of Architecture offered admission to 225, the School of Nursing 174, and School of Education and Human Development 122.