Summer/Fall 2022

Summer/Fall 2022

Honor Up Close: The facts on the ground and the higher hope; Rankings: How Virginia stacks up; Keepsakes: Personal pieces of UVA

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  • Lambeth’s Dream Team: Our picks for the best UVA major leaguers of all time
  • Hot Trax: Alumni remember the Charlottesville venue that launched Dave Matthews Band
  • Cheap Eats on Grounds: From Bodo’s Bagels to The White Spot’s famous Gus Burger, alumni remember their favorite affordable meals
  • Pep Banned: For 30 years, UVA’s scrambling Pep Band managed to stay one punchline ahead of the authorities



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We never thought we would have to say goodbye so soon. It was never supposed to be this way.

Cody Brown (Col ’25) on the shooting that left three of his football teammates dead

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