A promotion into a supervisory position presents a new set of challenges. You are now responsible for your own productivity and that of your staff. Here are some tips to handle the change smoothly:

  • Understand what your boss, employees, peers and senior management expect from you.
  • Keep the “big picture” in mind; where do you/your staff fit into the overall organization? How does your department affect the “bottom line”?
  • Set realistic expectations for yourself and your staff members.
  • Master the five basic management functions:
    1. Planning
    2. Organizing
    3. Delegating
    4. Communicating
    5. Monitoring
  • If possible, find a mentor who will guide you through the first year.
  • Ask questions; learn from everyone around you.
  • Be open to the questions and comments of others.
  • Learn from your mistakes.
  • Turn around and mentor someone coming along behind you.

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