Approximately 100,000 people visit the Rotunda every year. Starting this semester, more students will be part of that total because the historic building now has extended study hours and is hosting more classes in the building. Students can study in the Rotunda until 10 p.m. on designated nights, accessing the building with a swipe of a student ID. Also, first-year Dome Room dinners are back after a hiatus necessitated by roof renovations.

“Historically, the Rotunda has been a building that every student has walked into,” says Brian Hogg (Col ’83), a senior preservation planner at UVA. “It was the University’s library until 1938. This is a way to recapture the importance of the building.”

While not the hub of activity it was during its days as the library, the Rotunda is still the site of numerous ceremonies, banquets, meetings and dissertation defenses. Students need to take advantage of the expanded access while they can—the second phase of the Rotunda renovations begins in May, effectively closing the building until summer 2016.