Photo appears to be taken in November of 1946.

Back Row: (left to right) Bim Patton, Huck Jenkins, Buddy Shoaf, Dick Wilson, “Bugs” Battle, Bill Camp, Bill McBratney, Jim Lane, Ben Davis, Witcher Dudley, Dick Babyack, ?, “Dolly” Matenson, Nick Miller, “Chef”, Ham Gay, “Houseman Charlie”

Third Row: (left to right) Allen Baker, Charles Gilmore, Tommy Pride, Bill Parrish, Tommy Winston, Dick Parrish, Mike Larus, Jim Black, Dick Willis, Doc Gayle, Russ Armditron, Jack Loving, John Mumpford

Second Row: (left to right) Churchill Young, Bruce Wood, Jim Frye, “Winky” Mc George, Don Guttmann, Austin Clements, Ernie Baker, John Rowles, Tom Merrick, Stu Baraber, Del Baldwin, Herb Fitzgerald

Front Row: (left to right) “Chief” Parrish, Doug Call, Ed Clements, Art Wittstock, Jim “Teddy” Bear, Gerry Montag, Bill “Tree” Mohler, Jim “Perfect” Mason, Salty Hawkins, Lil Talley

Thanks to Tim Wittstock for providing this photograph.