Studio Space

A look at architecture students at work in a changing habitat

A typical UVA Architecture student spends up to 20 hours a week in the open-plan studio on the third and fourth floors of Campbell Hall. “The studio space is at the core of our design education and curriculum,” says Anselmo Canfora, an associate professor of architecture. There, faculty and students converge on research projects and required studio courses, he says.

Both undergraduates, starting their second year, and graduate students have “residential desks”—studio workspaces that are assigned to them for a semester. Any student can use “hot desks”—seats at newly installed, long, maple tables in the studio’s east bay—on a first-come, first-served basis.

The communal desks are part of Studio Rethink, an ongoing project Canfora leads to make the studio more functional and integrated. Over the next year, Studio Rethink will install new power, lighting and storage systems. “We’re looking at the studio in totality to create an even more flexible, open plan,” Canfora says.

One thing that will not change: the buzzing creativity that drives collaborative design work. Take a look inside the A-School studio.