1. Meghan Eckman (Col ’98)

Meghan Eckman

Claims to fame: Made music video-esque political documentary shorts—one of which went to Sundance—and a couple of movies with Guerrilla News Network. Toured in the U.S. and Europe in a band called Animental and made a documentary about it called Road Does Not End. Made a feature length documentary about a select group of parking lot attendants at the parking lot at the Corner, called The Parking Lot Movie.

Next stop: Live in Guatemala and travel in South America.

2. Johnny Lee (Engr ’01)

Claims to fame: Figured out how to customize Wii technology, then posted instructional videos on YouTube so that anyone could try it. Earned a Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon University in Human-Computer Interaction. Got a job as a researcher in the applied sciences group at Microsoft working on Project Natal, which will allow people to interact with their televisions without a controller—a motion-sensing camera will allow them to use their bodies instead.

Next stop: Continuing to explore how “novel interface technology can influence the lives of many people.”

3. Kate Ranson-Walsh (Col ’02)

Claims to fame: Works at Pixar Animation Studios, where she spent three and a half years on the production of WALL•E. At Pixar since 2003, she has also worked on Cars, Ratatouille and most recently Up in the animation department. Erik Langley (Col ’01), also a veteran of the DML, worked with her on Cars and Up.

Next stop: Managing the story department for the upcoming film Cars 2 while pursuing an MBA in Design Strategy from the California College of the Arts.

4. Lin Qiu (Col ’04)

Claims to fame: Went to China, became a PA and boom operator for a Jackie Chan movie called The Myth. Earned a film and video MFA at CalArts.  Made a documentary about his father called For the Service of the People; his father grew up during the Cultural Revolution in China. Produced and edited a short narrative film called To Live and Dine in LA starring David Hasselhoff.

Next stop:  Finish a script for a Western and find an apartment in L.A.

5. Gretel Truong (Col ’08)

Claims to fame: Produced a pilot TV show called Your week of social commentary and politics for PBS. Directed a music video called Gravity’s Hold for Tim Be Told. Produced short film By God’s Grace. Works for Haddad Media directing and producing online video for various clients such as Newsweek.com and the Pickens Plan. She covers everything from the Jonas Brothers to inaugural balls in Washington.

Next stop: Continue to “capitalized on the undeniable power and immediacy of the Internet for politics, policy and entertainment.”

Gretel Truong with the Jonas Brothers

List provided by the Digital Media Lab.