• Shoot to Thrill

    UVA sports photographer Matt Riley shares some of his favorite photographed moments from the past decade.

  • ’Hoo Are You?

    The University of Virginia has more than 230,000 living alumni. Take a look at how alumni demographics have changed over the past six decades, as well as where alumni live and what they do professionally.

  • The Jefferson Curating Society

    In the end, the need to preserve the artifacts of UVA’s oldest student group was beyond debate.

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Our Solar System, Ourselves

Our Solar System, Ourselves

What exactly is "the Anthropology of Outer Space," and how does it help science students gain valuable perspective about their work?

NASA’s Unseen Heroes

NASA’s Unseen Heroes

Margot Lee Shetterly discovered an important part of American space race history in her own childhood neighborhood.


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Costumes are an opportunity to express something you would never actually be. They create a way for us to literally hide behind a persona that we’re creating.

Gweneth West, UVA drama professor and costume designer

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