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Tracking Racial Bias in Children

A graduate student's research potentially identifies the nexus point for future biases seen in adults.

Stem Cell Breakthrough

The research is the first to show that a group of embryonic cells can be directed to grow in a particular way by stimulating only two signals that govern cell development.

U.Va. Conference Tackled Ethics of Big Data

The University recently started a Data Science Institute, and one area the institute hopes to tackle is the ethical and legal implications of mass data collection

‘Professor Lou’ Explains Science Behind the Puck on Washington Capitals TV

If you’ve ever been to a Washington Capitals hockey game, you’ve probably seen physics professor Lou Bloomfield on the Jumbotron explaining the physics of hockey.

R&D: The Brain

U.Va. researchers look at genetic variation among brain cells; top-of-the-tongue phenomena; and a new method for diagnosing traumatic brain injuries.

U.Va. brain ‘mosaic’ named a top discovery of 2013

Groundbreaking brain research at the University of Virginia School of Medicine is part of a prestigious top 10 list from the National Institute of Mental Health.

The research

The Monticello Mash

Mark Thompson of Starr Hill Brewery explains how Jefferson crafted his own beer.

A Head for the Game

Alumnus Kevin Guskiewicz is at the forefront of diagnosing and understanding concussions.

R&D Briefs

Research and discovery briefs on summer reading and forensic psychologists and psychiatrists.

The Science of Reincarnation

U.Va. scientist explores children's memories of past lives

U.Va. study measures effects of head trauma in sports

U.Va. class building satellite for NASA flight

U.Va. researchers part of ‘God particle’ work that won Nobel Prize

Are We Alone?

Are We Alone?

How exactly can you evaluate whether there really might be life on other planets? The answer is a paradox, says U.Va. astronomy professor Ed Murphy.

New & Notable

New & Notable

Five new books from U.Va. alumni.

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  • Honor Update

    Honor Committee chair says that Informed Retraction, introduced in April 2013, has been a success.

  • Hoop Dreams

    Photos from the history-making men's basketball season.

  • A Place for Kids

    The Battle Building at UVA Children's Hospital will open its doors in June 2014.

  • The Maestro

    From March 31 to April 2, Glass was in residency on Grounds, working with undergraduate and graduate students.

  • Trouble in Kindergarten?

    Kindergarten today isn't what it used to be, according to a study by two U.Va. researchers.

  • Tales of Early America

    Two U.Va. history professors receive major accolades for their scholarship.

  • The Secret Life of Ken Elzinga

    Elzinga has taught more than 40,000 U.Va. students since 1967, all the while penning murder mysteries on the side.

  • Songs In the Key of Life

    The group bills itself as “the premier, the first, the only a cappella group for the musically challenged."