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Rekindling Desire

Rekindling Desire

A new drug shows promise for women who lack sexual desire.

Young Boy with an “Old Person” Disease

Young Boy with an “Old Person” Disease

When people think about arthritis, they often think of it as an old person’s disease—certainly not something that affects children. Unfortunately, that is a misconception;

In National News: AIDS activist Tyler S. Spencer (Col ’07) among new Rhodes scholars

Supersized Ring

Supersized Ring

Astronomers recently found the largest planetary ring in the solar system swirling around Saturn.

Feeling Wobbly?

Feeling Wobbly?

Like a chain, the body is only as strong as its weakest link.

Burning Question

Our ancestors may have begun warming the planet 8,000 years ago.

Floating ideas

Floating ideas

The Learning Barge has gone from concept to classroom.

Letters to the Editor

Addiction Research

I found the article “Targeting Addiction” (Fall 2009) very intriguing. I especially was curious if Dr. Bankole Johnson’s research (or even topiramate itself) is applicable to other

Learning Barge Christened in Portsmouth

R&D in Brief

Less stress for medical students, tests for toddlers and the power of popularity among teens.

Jack Needs Jill to Get Up the Hill

Jack Needs Jill to Get Up the Hill

Hills seem less steep if you have a friend by your side.

Snooze Alarm

Shakespeare described sleep as knitting up the “raveled sleeve of care.”

According to a U.Va. study, most elderly people aren’t getting enough knitting.

A Wink Is as Good as a Nod

Watch a video that shows how researchers change perceived gender with video conferencing software.

Adorable Secret to Success

Adorable Secret to Success

Imagine a calico kitten playing with a ball of string. Are you picturing it? Good, now you are—by a small but measurable margin—better prepared to perform surgery. <

From DNA to the N.I.H.

From DNA to the N.I.H.

Francis S. Collins to head multi-billion dollar research institute.

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