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Letters to the Editor

Still Rockin’

“Rockin’ the Grounds” [Summer 2011] brought back many good memories of my two years of nursing school. I still have my yellow T-shirt from the very last Easters.

The Consequences of Dinner

The Consequences of Dinner

Ever wonder how the food we eat gets to the supermarket?

Super Powers

Super Powers

Surviving two bouts of cancer means embracing -- and resisting -- change

R&D Briefs

Mapping a Pathogen

Researchers at U.Va. have determined the structure of the protein package, or capsid, that delivers the genetic material of HIV to human cells. “This paper

In the Red

In the Red

Making ends meet

A quarter of Virginia households don’t have enough money to cover basic needs. A report from the Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service

Katie Couric Helps Dedicate Emily Couric Clinical Cancer Center

Smoke Alarm

Smoking during pregnancy poses a host of risks to both mother and child. Less oxygen for the baby, more toxic chemicals in the bloodstream, potential lung damage—these and

Would You Like Fries With That?

Burger, fries and a soda—they’re the all-American fast-food combo. When packaged with enticing names—happy meals, value meals, old-fashioned combos—they present options that appeal to the

Adjusting the Prescription

Adjusting the Prescription

The School of Medicine overhauls its century-old educational approach

Health Tips, Myths and What’s New

Health Tips, Myths and What’s New

Doctors and nurses from the Health System weigh in about exciting new developments and big misconceptions.

Scrub that Theory

Scrub that Theory

The fight against flu has an arsenal of weapons—shots, pills, masks and more—but hand sanitizers have little punch in preventing the spread of the virus, researchers have

Gym Rats

Gym Rats

Researchers appear to be getting a workout assessing the value of exercise. One study, led by U.Va. psychiatry professor Wendy Lynch, used laboratory rats to examine the relationship

Above the Crowd

Above the Crowd

U.Va. study says hand sanitizers not effective in preventing flu, colds

Window Treatment

Window Treatment

The Empire State Building, the iconic skyscraper featured in movies from King Kong to Sleepless in Seattle, is going green.

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  • Better, Stronger, Faster

    U.Va.’s SPEED Clinic uses high-tech wizardry to help weekend warriors develop a better gait.

  • Smart Money

    Professor Richard Netemeyer talks about the how and why of financial education, and offers a few tips to help with everyday financial matters.

  • Paying Up for Pancakes

    Students cooked up 10,000 pancakes at this year's annual Pancakes for Parkinson's breakfast.

  • Bee Hopeful

    U.Va. prof. T'ai Roulston and his research team recently spotted a bumblebee that hadn't been seen in the Eastern U.S. for five years.

  • We Come from Old Virginia

    Eight longstanding faculty members look back on their years at the University.

  • Remembering Hannah Graham

    Students all over the state of Virginia gathered to show their support for Graham and her family.

  • The Roar of the Lioness

    Professor Farzaneh Milani shares her thoughts on the work of Iranian poet Simin Behbahani and the power of poetry.

  • Before Batman

    Ben McKenzie (Col '01) stars as a young Commissioner Gordon in FOX's new television series Gotham.

  • Admiral of the Antarctic

    Before embarking on a naval career that would send him to the North and South poles, Rear Adm. Richard E. Byrd spent a year studying at U.Va.