• Every President Has a First Year

    The Miller Center has some history lessons for the next commander-in-chief. Will he use them? Will she?

  • Rotunda Reborn

    Four years and $58 million later, the historic architectural icon is now state-of-the-art. Take a sneak peek.

  • 2020 Insight

    Take a by-the-numbers look at the class of 2020 as well as previous classes, with data from the University’s Office of Institutional Assessment and Studies.

  • Relief Pitcher

    A doctor is convincing MLB players about the advantage of sleep.

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From Time to Time

From Time to Time

Take a look at how some of the most familiar spots have changed—or remained the same—over time.

A Flight Forgotten

A Flight Forgotten

The Aviator was crafted to recognize UVA alum and French Air Service pilot James McConnell, whose plane went down in France in 1917. But it’s not your typical WWI memorial.


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Remember the cafeteria scene in ‘Jurassic Park?’ Of course you do. Dr. Grant asks Dr. Sattler if she's sure a rampant velociraptor has been ‘contained.’ ‘Yes,’ she replies, ‘unless they figure out how to open doors.’ Virginia coach Tony Bennett is that velociraptor.

Eamonn Brennan on why the Cavaliers rank no. 7 on ESPN’s “Way Too Early Top 25 Rankings for 2016-17”

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