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The Art of Reflection

Edith Arbaugh (Educ ’55) taught art in Charlottesville for 29 years. A well-known figure in the local art scene, she is one of the founders of the Central Virginia Watercolor Guild

Literary Wahoo of the Jazz Age

Ever wonder what the University was like in the Roaring ’20s? The novel Boojum! is set in a whiskey-soaked Prohibition-era Charlottesville where waggish poets wend their way through University

Mother and Child

Mother and Child

Saving Shots Is a Snap

Letters to the Editor

Then Again

What a thrill to see the picture of Scott Stadium in 1964 (“Then and Now: An Illustrated Journey Through Time,” Spring 2010). After the Corps of Cadets and the

School of Rock

School of Rock

U.Va.'s Battle of the Bands face off. Hear music clips and watch a video.

A Portrait of the South in Black and White

A Portrait of the South in Black and White

Paul Gaston recounts his role in the civil rights movement in Charlottesville.

Saying It with Flowers, My Way

Saying It with Flowers, My Way

Why a novel about the language of flowers? That’s the question I get asked more than any other by fellow writers and fans of my young adult

Director Gregg Helvey goes to the Oscars

Director Gregg Helvey goes to the Oscars

When Gregg Helvey (Col ’01) traveled to India three and a half years ago to make the film Kavi, he never thought he would end up at the Academy Awards

Making a new family home

Making a new family home

When I first moved to Charlottesville in 1988, it was not to go to U.Va. I was escaping my life in New York City, where I had been working

A Stitch in Time

A Stitch in Time

Admire rare and beautiful items of clothing from the 1790s to the 1950s that are held in the Collection of Historic Dress.

Bestsellers at the U.Va. Bookstore: October through December 2010


1. Leavings: Poems by Wendell Berry

2. The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

3. The Mad Farmer Poems by Wendell Berry

4. Pride and Prejudice

New & Notable

The Birth of Virginia’s Aristocracy James C. Thompson II (Col ’71, Grad ’74) Commonwealth Books Virginia’s aristocracy was born when Col. Richard Lee II transferred his allegiance from the

Book Maker

Book Maker

After folding folios into signatures, Kristin Adolfson (Col ’98) uses a needle and thread to sew the pages of her books together. She prints the text with a letterpress, and

Required Reading: Jennifer Burns

Required Reading: Jennifer Burns

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  • James Hay Jr.‘s Pocket Knife

    Take a look at the pocket knife of James Hay Jr., author of "The Honor Men."

  • How to be a Mad Man

    Real-life Mad Man Scott Cooney (Com ’94) offers the inside scoop.

  • Back to the Future

    Only some of Manning's ideas came to be, but he defined a way of thinking about growth at the University and raised important questions about building values.

  • Bookmarked: Getting Down to Business

    A new site from the Darden School of Business offers practical articles by faculty that can be immediately implemented in the workplace.

  • Physical Science

    John Brenkus, creator and host of ESPN's Sport Science, explains the physics and physiology of four U.Va. athletes.

  • Kings of Freedom

    A section of the Berlin Wall, with a spray-painted mural titled "Kings of Freedom," has been installed on Central Grounds.

  • How to Take Your Kids Into the Wild and Live to Tell About It

    Patrick Sweeney (Darden '10), dad and expert outdoorsman, shares his knowledge.

  • The Maestro

    From March 31 to April 2, Glass was in residency on Grounds, working with undergraduate and graduate students.