• Unquoting Jefferson

    At the University of Virginia, the postelection ignited a distinctly UVA form of protest: an outbreak of remarkably civil discourse about Thomas Jefferson.

  • ’Hoo Are You?

    The University of Virginia has more than 230,000 living alumni. Take a look at how alumni demographics have changed over the past six decades, as well as where alumni live and what they do professionally.

  • Theatre of the Macabre

    Jefferson’s Anatomical Theatre gave way to grave robbers, the student Cadaver Society and, eventually, the wrecking ball.

  • Streak Show

    An update on a running University tradition, stripped to its bare essentials.

  • Pigments of Your Imagination

    Let our adult coloring book help you find your happy place. We have just the place in mind. A few of them, in fact.

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Home to the Struggle

Home to the Struggle

Several UVA alumni were instrumental in the establishment of the new National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, D.C. Hear their stories.


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I plan to continue quoting Thomas Jefferson but will also defend the civil liberties [of those who disagree].

UVA President Teresa A. Sullivan

Bookstore - March 2017