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Podcast People

Alumna Lulu Miller (Grad '13) and Alix Spiegel have created a new National Public Radio show with a focus on how invisible forces influence human behavior.

The People’s Historian

As chief historian for The History Channel, Libby O'Connell (Grad ’79, ’87) makes it her mission to engage the public in history.

One Last Twirl

Victoria (Col '13) and Brittany Maiden (Col '13), the so-called Sabre Twins, prepare for the twirling world championships.

Everyone’s A Critic

Book critic Mythili Rao spoke to U.Va. Magazine about the process of book reviewing, and the books she's looking forward to in 2014.

No Pressure

The New Yorker said in its "Culture Desk" column that "her debut went without a hitch."

Q&A with Tina Fey

Tina Fey answers questions from alumni.

Girl Most Likely

The making of Tina Fey, as told by Fey's friends, professors and Fey herself.

Looking Back to Look Ahead

Looking Back to Look Ahead

The Bjoring Center for Nursing Historical Inquiry provides insight into the future of health care.

Making ‘Goodnight’

Making ‘Goodnight’

As it turns out, writing the book was the easy part.  After we both gave birth to our little ones - Catherine's son, Jennings, came just a

A Graduation Story

A Graduation Story

Maggie Voth (Col '13) walked the Lawn for Final Exercises with her close friends, as many other graduates did. However, she may be the only student in her class whose

News Briefs

News Briefs

A roundup of some of the University's top news briefs.

The Black Alumni Brood

The Black Alumni Brood

The following was originally published on the McSweeney's website as part of the author's yearlong column, Big Mom on Campus: Raising Two Kids in a Dorm.

What We Talk About When We Talk About Money

What We Talk About When We Talk About Money

Logan Sachon (Col '05) writes openly and honestly about finances, a subject once considered taboo, on the website The Billfold.

Queen of Tech

Queen of Tech

Jenna Wortham, alumna and NYT technology writer, discusses social media and how it affects the way we live

Cavs in London: U.Va. Among top Olympic “Countries”

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  • The Facts of the Matter

    More than 25 years after publishing Cultural Literacy: What Every American Needs to Know, E.D. Hirsch is seeing the teaching philosophies he's championed for becoming a basis for curriculum changes across America.

  • Making the Case for College

    Ian Baucom, the new dean of the College of Arts & Sciences, believes that U.Va. can provide leadership in reframing the role of higher education in America.

  • Predicting Crime, 140 Characters at a Time

    U.Va. research professor Matthew Gerber has developed a computer program that uses Twitter to predict crime patterns.

  • Book Traces

    U.Va. English professor Andrew Stauffer is on a national mission to encourage readers to take a closer look at what's scribbled in the margins of books.

  • New Cabell Is New Again

  • Computer cluster opens new research possibilities

    Nearly 55 years later after U.Va. got its first computer, a new computing cluster will provide a significant boost to data-intensive research at the University.

  • The People’s Historian

    As chief historian for The History Channel, Libby O'Connell (Grad ’79, ’87) makes it her mission to engage the public in history.

  • Examining Slavery at the University

    In October, U.Va. hosted a national symposium that brought together experts from various schools to discuss issues related to the history of slavery at institutions of higher education.