• Streak Show

    An update on a running University tradition, stripped to its bare essentials.

  • ’Hoo Are You?

    The University of Virginia has more than 230,000 living alumni. Take a look at how alumni demographics have changed over the past six decades, as well as where alumni live and what they do professionally.

  • Unquoting Jefferson

    At the University of Virginia, the postelection ignited a distinctly UVA form of protest: an outbreak of remarkably civil discourse about Thomas Jefferson.

  • Pigments of Your Imagination

    Let our adult coloring book help you find your happy place. We have just the place in mind. A few of them, in fact.

  • Theatre of the Macabre

    Jefferson’s Anatomical Theatre gave way to grave robbers, the student Cadaver Society and, eventually, the wrecking ball.

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I plan to continue quoting Thomas Jefferson but will also defend the civil liberties [of those who disagree].

UVA President Teresa A. Sullivan

Bookstore - March 2017