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Bad Boys

Tales of the University's tumultuous years.

U.Va. study measures effects of head trauma in sports

U.Va. class building satellite for NASA flight

U.Va. researchers part of ‘God particle’ work that won Nobel Prize

MOOCs going mainstream? This may be the year

Yes, you do have time to read, says U.Va. prof Daniel Willingham

University of Virginia to launch search for next Arts & Sciences dean

The Mystery of Brooks Hall

The Mystery of Brooks Hall

Learn the hidden stories behind one of U.Va.'s most unusual places.

Are We Alone?

Are We Alone?

How exactly can you evaluate whether there really might be life on other planets? The answer is a paradox, says U.Va. astronomy professor Ed Murphy.

Bestsellers at the U.Va. Bookstore

Bestsellers at the U.Va. Bookstore

A list of top-selling books at the U.Va. Bookstore.

The Kennedy Effect

The Kennedy Effect

Larry Sabato examines JFK's enduring influence on American politics.

Required Listening

Judith Shatin, composer and U.Va. music prof., shares her must-hear tracks and compositions.

What Does $3 Billion Look Like?

What Does $3 Billion Look Like?

See how the recently completed campaign has changed U.Va.

Dewey Cornell leads threat assessment training for Virginia Public Schools

And That’s the Way It Was

And That’s the Way It Was

Professor Bruce Williams examines the decline of broadcast news.

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  • Southern Sensibility

    Charles Wright, professor emeritus of the U.Va. English department’s Creative Writing Program, is 2014-15 Poet Laureate of the United States.

  • Is Winning Everything?

    Media studies professor Shilpa Davé looks at ideas of competition, from The Hunger Games and America's Got Talent to college admissions and spelling bees.

  • Work Out Like A Wahoo

    U.Va.'s strength and conditioning team shows you how to work out like a Wahoo.

  • The Tactile Library

  • The Voice of His Generation

    Since launching with his dorm mate Steve Huffman (Engr ’05), Alexis Ohanian (Com ’05) has emerged as the face and voice against government restrictions on the Internet.

  • God Is in the Details

    A visiting professor points out a curious feature of the Jefferson statue, and lecturer W. Scott Harrop investigates its meaning.

  • The Future is Now

    A look inside the new, eco-friendly, amenity-filled, dorms on Alderman Road.

  • Any Given Saturday

    Go behind the scenes at Scott Stadium for a look at the inner workings of a Cavaliers football game.

  • Better Living Through Architecture

    The School of Architecture's Center for Design and Health studies ways to improve the design and planning of buildings and environments for human health.