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All Things to All Boys

All Things to All Boys

Hannah Pittard

Hannah Pittard’s (Grad ‘07) novel The Fates Will Find Their Way begins with a mystery: 16-year-old Nora Lindell is missing. There are no concrete clues about her

At History’s Elbow

At History’s Elbow

An alumnus travels back to Japan where he fought on the USS Missouri

Global Network

With more than 225,000 alumni and parents around the world, the University exists as a global community. Staying in touch, staying active and staying involved are facilitated by the UVaClubs

Sidearm Sizzler

Sidearm Sizzler

Javier Lopez Photo Copyrighted by S. F. Giants

Game Two of baseball’s World Series, eighth inning, two outs, a runner on second. The Texas Rangers, trailing the San

News Briefs

News Briefs

Bang for the Buck

The University retained its No. 3 ranking for the fifth time in six years in Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine’s “100 Best Values in Public Colleges”



You made history, now you can write it. Celebrate the legacy of women at the University with a collaborative online history. Which professor most influenced you? How did your

Letters to the Editor

‘Absolute Gem’

The article about President Sullivan (“Welcome President Sullivan,” Winter 2010) captured her so well I felt as if I were there at the University. I’m hoping I

Women at the University of Virginia

Women at the University of Virginia

How women fundamentally changed what once was known as a "Gentleman's University"

Tending the Vines

Tending the Vines

An alumna's perspective: As the seasons change so does the labor of caring for vines and making wine.

Adjusting the Prescription

Adjusting the Prescription

The School of Medicine overhauls its century-old educational approach

Physical Science

John Brenkus, creator and host of ESPN's Sport Science, explains the physics and physiology of four U.Va. athletes.

New & Notable

Fraser’s Penguins: A Journey to the Future in Antarctica Fen Montaigne (Col ’74) Henry Holt and Company For the last 30 years, Bill Fraser has studied the Adélie penguins

The Voice of Reason

The Voice of Reason

In October 1982, a man held his sister and her children at gunpoint in a train. Just another day at the office for hostage negotiator Gary Noesner.

When the Image Is the Word

See how Corwin Levi (Law ‘05) transformed his law school notes into art

A sign on the window outside Corwin Levi’s summer studio reads “Please don’t tap the

Arbiter of Style

Ivy Style “In its current incarnation, Ivy Style involves outdoorswear, ruggedwear, authentic American brands and labels that are 100 years old,” says Bryan. “As the current approach to traditional preppie, Ivy

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  • Follow That Book!

    How does a book get from the Ivy Stacks to you? Follow a book along its journey.

  • Peculiar Properties

    Tour of some of the mysterious, historic—and empty—properties owned by the University.

  • The Jefferson Thanksgiving Challenge

    Alumni chefs create dishes using only ingredients available at Monticello during Jefferson's time.

  • First Things First

    From the first building on Grounds to the first known female member of the Seven Society, this is our list of some premiere moments in U.Va. history.

  • Ghost World

    How U.Va. academics interpret the supernatural—spirits, visions, the undead and more—in their respective fields.

  • Tibetan Medicine Under the Microscope

    Doctors at the U.Va. Medical Center are taking a closer look at whether traditional Tibetan healing techniques can help patient outcomes—and stand up to scientific scrutiny.

  • A Mile in Their Shoes

    Former Virginia football player Chris Long spends two days removed from the glamour of professional football to learn about homelessness.

  • Careers and More

    President Teresa A. Sullivan discusses how the University is helping students prepare for and enter the workforce.