• Kenneth X. Warren  (Educ ’04, ’11) teaches digital storytelling to doctors who wish to become more reflective and think more creatively.

    The Doctor Will Hear You Now

    Kenneth Warren (Educ ’04, ’11) teaches digital storytelling to doctors who wish to become more reflective and think more creatively.

  • Telling Stories, Digitally

    Bethany Nowviskie, director of digital research & scholarship at the U.Va. library and director of the Scholars' Lab, discusses digital storytelling and what the online age has meant for the humanities.

  • Podcast People

    Alumna Lulu Miller (Grad '13) and Alix Spiegel have created a new National Public Radio show with a focus on how invisible forces influence human behavior.

  • What Lies Beneath

    Maintaining a 6-mile network of tunnels under Grounds is a never-ending job for U.Va.'s facilities workers. They spend every day of the year fixing valves, draining traps and conducting routine inspections on the pipes that heat the Grounds.

Winter 2014

Winter 2014

A look inside the University's tunnels; Cultural literacy makes a comeback; Why college matters; Bringing history to the people

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The Facts of the Matter 2

The Facts of the Matter

More than 25 years after publishing Cultural Literacy: What Every American Needs to Know, E.D. Hirsch is seeing the teaching philosophies he's championed for becoming a basis for curriculum changes across America.

The People’s Historian

The People’s Historian

As chief historian for The History Channel, Libby O'Connell (Grad ’79, ’87) makes it her mission to engage the public in history.

Book Traces

Book Traces

U.Va. English professor Andrew Stauffer is on a national mission to encourage readers to take a closer look at what's scribbled in the margins of books.

Examining Slavery at the University

Examining Slavery at the University

In October, U.Va. hosted a national symposium that brought together experts from various schools to discuss issues related to the history of slavery at institutions of higher education.

Making the Case for College 7

Making the Case for College

Ian Baucom, the new dean of the College of Arts & Sciences, believes that U.Va. can provide leadership in reframing the role of higher education in America.

Alumni Spotlight

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Nathan Johnson (l) and James Bash,  founders of the Curry School Desegregation Center, in 1967. Photo courtesy U.Va. Special Collections Library


J. Roy Vorhauer (Educ '67, '77) worked for 27 years as teacher, coach, principal, and professor, trying throughout...

The Slick Bib

During my undergraduate studies at U.Va. I strengthened a habit and a mindset of...

The List

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One Last Twirl

One Last Twirl

The “Sabre Twins” have graduated and are moving on in separate directions. Almost. Victoria and...

U.Va. SPEED Clinic

U.Va. SPEED Clinic

U.Va. SPEED Clinic director Max Prokopy (Educ '08) helps former U.Va. baseball player...

Photo Gallery

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5,000 Miles Cycled

Matthew Sait (Law ’07) cycled 5,000 miles across the United States, from Astoria, Ore., at the...


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There're some really terrible moments ahead of you all, but life, all and all, is spectacularly good and if this were not so, none of us my age and older would be so desperately trying to fend off our impending demise.

The late Andy Rooney in his valedictory address to U.Va.'s graduating class on May 2, 2000.