• Any Given Saturday

    Go behind the scenes at Scott Stadium for a look at the inner workings of a Cavaliers football game.

  • Better Living Through Architecture

    The School of Architecture's Center for Design and Health studies ways to improve the design and planning of buildings and environments for human health.

  • The Voice of His Generation

    Since launching Reddit.com with his dorm mate Steve Huffman (Engr ’05), Alexis Ohanian (Com ’05) has emerged as the face and voice against government restrictions on the Internet.

Fall 2014

Fall 2014

A look at the inner workings of a Cavaliers football game; U.Va.'s Center for Design and Health is working to improve environments around the world; challenge yourself with a Wahoo-worthy workout; and more.

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The Honor Committee chair says that the Informed Retraction option, introduced in April 2013, has been a success. What’s your opinion on the addition of Informed Retraction?

  A needed change that has improved the Honor System
  A mistake that has harmed the Honor System
  Too soon to know what the effect will be


Puzzle Master 2

Puzzle Master

New York Times puzzlemaster Will Shortz (Law '77) calls Sam Ezerskey's (Engr '17) crosswords "fresh" and "interesting."

The Wake of Watergate

The Wake of Watergate

Gerry Warburg shares lessons learned from Nixon's registration in 1974, including how voter participation can inspire bipartisan action.

Punching Out

Punching Out

Lukas Tamm and his small team of researchers at U.Va. are making strides in figuring out how the Ebola virus works.

Ringing the Carillon 1

Ringing the Carillon

If you thought the sounds of the University Chapel's bells are made by an expert ringer toiling inside the steeple, think again.

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Object Lesson {article_images_3} I appreciate your short article about the co-education lawsuit as part...

Alumni Tell You How To:

Alumni Tell You How To:

Survive in the wilderness (with kids), make ice cream with a law degree, train for a triathlon and more.

Alumni Spotlight

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Nathan Johnson (l) and James Bash,  founders of the Curry School Desegregation Center, in 1967. Photo courtesy U.Va. Special Collections Library


J. Roy Vorhauer (Educ '67, '77) worked for 27 years as teacher, coach, principal, and professor, trying throughout...

The Slick Bib

During my undergraduate studies at U.Va. I strengthened a habit and a mindset of...

The List

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Ringing the Carillon

Ringing the Carillon

Jared Loewenstein (Col '66, Grad '68, '92) shows how the University Chapel bells keep chiming. ...

Work Out Like a Wahoo

Work Out Like A Wahoo

Seven hundred Cavalier student-athletes work out inside U.Va.'s McCue Center weight room throughout...

Photo Gallery

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There are two things we do at the University of Virginia in the athletics department better than anywhere else at the institution. Number one is we bring people together … Secondly, we develop relationships.

Craig Littlepage, U.Va.'s athletic director